Tech Companies in Austin


Suppose you want to move to a technologically advanced city that offers great prospects for technological talent. In that case, Austin, Texas, maybe the right city for you. The city has above-average intelligence, superior technology infrastructure, and a growing specialized labor market with no state income tax. 

With almost half of Austin’s population having a university degree, the city is considered the nation’s highest percentage. The capital state of Texas becomes the hub of tech education for Texas Tech, Texas A&M University, and the University of Texas. Those schools’ graduate students are even in high demand to pursue a career in the two thousand tech startup and companies in the city center. 

According to some tech news, Austin’s Silicon Hall is even considered the next Silicon Valley. It happens because most notable technology and engineer companies have their headquarters in Austin, such as National Instruments, Austin Semiconductor, and Dell Computer. With its warm and sunny weather, it is no doubt that Austin becomes a tech companies’ home. Find out more about the tech companies in Austin below.


E-Commerce and Online Payment

Among other tech companies in Texas, PayPal and eBay might be in the top list leading tech companies. Although these two companies have two different business roles, PayPal had once been under the eBay foundation. Those two companies have worked together for fifteen years providing service in e-commerce and online payment. As growth e-commerce, the eBay team can manage over a thousand jobs in Austin to serve customers online. Meanwhile, Paypal will act as the back-end payment service for customers. However, those two big companies’ cooperation is soon ended, as eBay will work with another payment service company, Ayden. Still, those two companies are the pride of Austin, Texas.

Hosting Business

If you are into a computer, you will be happier to live in Austin. The city has many great computer tech businesses, especially in hosting provider service. Among many of them, the Rackspace Managed Hosting and HostGator are two of the well-known hosting firms. Both have hired hundreds of people to deliver their best service for their clients. In fact, Rackspace has about 700 people, while HostGator owns about 500 seat employees in Austin.


Everyone knows the AT&T company as the largest telecommunication company in the world. The company has the AT&T Lab built-in central Texas. The research and development division of the company employs thousands of people to finish their jobs in Austin. This Austin lab hires developers, engineers, and others to help produce goods.